30A 12V/24V Autoswitch PWM Solar Charge Controller



Product Details:
Voltage 12 v 24 v
Load Type DC

Product overview:
1. Use single-chip microcomputer as the core of the whole control system, which makes the controller has the advantages of intelligent, strong adaptability, reliable function etc.
2. Use CMTP02 version optimized design scheme, which can improve system efficiency and prolong the life span the battery.
3. Use SMT chip production technology, industrial class chip, advantaged technology, quality assurance.
4. With over charge, over discharge, eletronic short circuit, overload and reverse polarity protection.
5. Use series connection PWM circuit, it is 3%-6% more effective than non-PWM circuit when charging.
6. With LED to show the current battery state, it is easy for the user to know the working condition of the controller right now.
7. Use industrial grade chip, it can work properly under environment such as cold, high temperature , humid.
8. Delicate shell design and compact circuit, the whole controller does not occupy too much space.
9. Use internal integration precision resistors and other components in oder to improve the precision of controller parameters.

1.PV Reverse Polarity Protection
2.Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
3.Battery Overcharge Protection
4.Battery Discharge Protection
5.Output Over Current Protection
6. Load Short Circuit Protection


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