Forklift Truck Reverse Warning Alarm



Voltage 10-80V DC, 120dB, IP67, Body: Nylon, Application: Reverse Back up Alarm, Forklift and Overhead Crane warning, Sound: Single Beep

A back-up alarm is a great life saving addition to any automobile since it is intended to alert passers-by and other motorists that a vehicle is moving in the reverse mode. Delivering the ultimate in safety and functionality, this acoustic device produces a powerful alerting sound with a dominant frequency to immediately capture the attention of people nearby and prevent accidents. Back-up alarms are designed for a broad range of applications and are used on most commercial vehicles to increase safety and reduce reversing fatalities.

Highly efficient rear view safety solution
Designed to help you stay safe on the road
Will give you a clear view of what’s behind, day and night
Blend of premium quality and cutting-edge technology
Sleek, modern design will add a nicely customized look to your ride


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