SAFETY EQUIPMENT : Wireless Forklift Speed Limiter Overspeed Warning Alarm



Product Details:
Model Number Wireless V1
Brand Waytronic
Application Speed Limiter

LED display screen.

Wireless sensor has the function of reverse voice prompt.

Wireless speed measurement and wired speed measurement are compatible(choose either-or).

With the design of wide voltage power supply, DC12V-24V.

Alarm can be controlled by remote controller within 1 meters.

4 level volume adjustment. External powerful horn for alarm, warning sound up to 120dB.

Two kinds of warning: Flash lamp and voice alarm.

Three-level speed setting. Different levels of speed has different sound for warnings.

Alarm locking time can be adjusted from 0 to 99 seconds. If the speed of forklift exceeds the set speed, will warn automatically.

Waterproof capability is IP8, even able to work well in rain.

Use wireless sensor, making installation simpler.

Use metal sensor installation, compatible with the traditional speed measurement way.

Adopt relay to control oil circuits, realizing over speed locking and speed limit control. Mechanical speed limit can be used together with mechanical throttle speed limiter.

Technical parameters
Operating voltage: DC12V ~24V

Power consumption: 5W

Alarm load: ≤100mA/DC12V

Alarm output loudness: 120dB

Working temperature: -20 to 60 centigrade

Speed testing signal input parameter: 24V≥high level≥5V, low level≤0.3V; drive current ≥15MA; frequency ≤10K; Min Pulse Width ≥100US(microsecond); effective signal: falling edge is effective.

Wireless speed testing sensor: built-in 3V/500MA button cell, working temperature: 8 to 40 centigrade, storage temperature: -8 to 35 centigrade;

Working time(for reference): up to more than 4 months if working over 24 hours everyday, more than 8 months if working for 8 hours everyday.(note: wired sensor has no this parameter.


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