Oil Press Machine




  • Cold pressing ,light oil color, rich nutrition, pure natural oil,
  • save refining cost;
  • Presscake’s protein is damaged lightly,Oil protein will be taken full advantage of.
  • There is no any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching earth,chemical additives, during the squeezing process;
  • High oil extraction rate;about 2-3 percent higher than old-fashioned equipment.
  • Energy saving and labor saving
  • Model name:HIS-DL-ZYJ07
  • Control mode:Automatic Oil Press
  • Application:Family type
  • Usage:Coconut,Peanut,beans,sesame,sunflower,sesame,almond etc
  • Voltage:180-240v,50-60Hz
  • Power:180W
  • Weight:12 kg
  • Packing size:48CM*25CM*41CM
  • Raw material input:about 3-5 kg/h
  • Material:304 stainless steel
  • Keep working:12 hour


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