Diamond LED Waterproof Rechargeable Torchlight

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Diamond 5 Watt Waterproof Rechargeable LED Hand Torch:

  • A Diamond LED Hand Torch is an entirely automated rechargeable torch which provides you an extremely bright spot light in a range of approx. 2000 meter (2kms). After being fully recharged, it functions continuously for 22 hrs. light .
  • Diamond waterproof rechargeable torch light system comes along with 5 Watt LED light and provides an excellent choice of features which include easily changed and high intensity lights. This LED Hand Torch includes white daylight system that is adjustable according to your requirement.
  • We provide you lighting in both the way high and dim lighting. It is strong enough for outside jobs, but still enough to have handy at home.


  • Range: 2000 meters (2 Kms)
  • One PC of long range, ultra-bright multiple chip led lamp:5watt
  • LED Life: 1,00,000 + hrs
  • Transformer: 9.0.9 750mAH
  • Maintenance free Dry Battery (6v 4.5ah) (Replacement guarantee – 6 Months)


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