Forklift Anti-Collision Warning Alarm Device (040A)



This anti-collision alarm system is an induction alarm through sound and light to inform pedestrians or forklift driver in advance to pay attention to danger, decrease accident risk that people are hit by forklift. This is only a safety assistant product. It can’t replace the necessary security measures. User should not decrease safety supervision and protection. Before using the product user should carefully read the installation instructions. If necessary, should let technician to do some training. If need maintenance and repair, contact technician to deal with. When someone with P-Tag enter into detection range, the alarm lamp will flash, and speaker will play alarm voice, toremind the person with P-Tag that he has entered danger area, and remind the driver attention to pedestrians. If someone with P-Tag stays still more than 60s, although he is within detection range, P-Tag will enter into sleep state, host stops to alarm. When he moves again, P-Tag will return to work automatically. People with P-Tag should avoid the P-Tag into sleep state. Due to the difference of forklift speed and working temperature, alarm distance maybe different. In open place with no blocking, forklift moves to someone with P-Tag with 10 km/h relative speed, alarm distance error within 3m.


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