AI camera and Radar integrated alert system for Forklift(HIS-FLWS-024AIR)


Sound and light alarm video radar integrated lens for large trucks
* Radar accurate detection distance, 720P analogue HD video output, sound alert alarm, LED light flashing warning
*Radar 120 degree detection radius, detection distance 0-3 meters, radar response speed less than 0.1 seconds
*720P Analogue HD video aerial head output, video overlay with radar accurate distance
*4 high power LEDs flashing to alert pedestrians entering the danger zone.
*12 strong magnetic tabs for casual temporary installation by the driver and 3 mounting holes for screw mounting
*HD aerial head connector for easy
to any AHD monitor and in-car video recorder
*The driver of the van can see the real video of the blind spot on the right side where someone enters the radar range and
the van
*Video display of distance as well as buzzer
alarm, outside horn to alert passers-by to
avoid and warning lights flashing.
*The ideal monitoring lens device for large trucks, dump trucks, container trucks, caravans and construction work vehicles

scope of application:
The information contained in this manual applies to the 024AIR Radar Video Sound and Light Integrated Lens and contains key information such as specifications appearance dimensions, operating instructions and more.

The 024AIR radar video sound and light integrated lens is composed of a 1/2.7″ 2.0 megapixel color image CMOS sensor and an ISP image processing chip – outputting 1080P analogue high definition images (AHD). The ISP features color matrix, 3D noise reduction, sharpness, gamma correction, auto electronic shutter, auto white balance, auto gain control, adaptive backlight compensation and more.

•Technical parameters:
1. Image sensors(Parameters): 1/2.7″ CMOS(Result)
2. Video format(Parameters):Ntsc, Pa(Result)
3.Resolution(Parameters): 1920x 1080(Result)
4. Frame Rate(Parameters): 04 Frame Rate(Result)
5. Video output signal(Parameters):AHD(Result)
8. White balance(Parameters): Auto(Result)
9. Low light levels(Parameters): 0.5 Lux(Result)
10. Image characteristics(Parameters): Original/Mirror(Result)
11.Rated working voltage(Parameters): 5VDC(Result)
12.Rated operating current(Parameters): 150mA +/- 10mA(Result)
13.Image quality assurance temperature(Parameters): -30 to 75(Result)
14.Optimum working temperature(Parameters):-20 to 65(Result)
15.Storage temperature(Parameters): -30 to 75(Result)
16.Ambient humidity(Parameters): 90% RH(Result)
17.Noise reduction methods(Parameters): 3D noise reduction(Result)


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