10w Laser Engraving Machine Metal And Plastic



10w Laser machine Construction: mobile gantry, body Aluminum + AcrylicDrive system: stepper motor, stepper precision: 0.00625mmEngraving area: 14 * 20cmEngraving speed: 0.02 to 0.2 sec / pixelLaser power: pulse 10w (100ns Duty 50%) Average 6-6.5WCarving materials: stainless steel, iron, aluminum, ceramics, stone, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics, etc.Height restrictions: noInterface: USBFeatures: Software 255 adjustable laser power, low-light positioning, positioning freedom, gray, shortest path algorithmPower supply: external adapter, DC 12V 4A, input AC 100V-240V, 47Hz-66HzDimensions: 28 * 32 * 23cmWeight: 2.4kgSoftware: machine developed specifically for use ac master software, support Chinese, English, Russian, 4 languagesSupport win7, win8, win10Super-reduced instruction, 1 byte of instruction accounted for more than 40%Explain arduino + grbl faster than the speed more than 30 times, and instantly be able to complete the task of interpretation active instruction; shortest path algorithm can shorten the time. parameter: 1. Interface: USB 2, Power: 12v4A 3, the laser power: 10W 4, the appearance size: 28cm * 32cm * 23cm 5, Engraving area: 140mm * 200mm 6, Weight: 3.6KG 7, package size: 37 * 34 * 21cm 8, can be carved material: stainless steel, iron, aluminum, ceramics, stone, wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, etc. 9, features: nanosecond timing of serial data transmission substantially without delay, power adjustable, high power pulsed laser, lifts fast focusing, targeting low light gray print!


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